This basic French macaron recipe is generally on the mildly sweet side. French Macarons are almond meringue cookies that filled with buttercream, chocolate, fruit spreads, or nut/cookie spreads. You’ll need a kitchen scale measuring in grams, electric mixer with a whisk attachment, medium to fine sieve, spatula, piping bag with a medium round tip, baking tray lined with silicon mat with macaron guide. The basic ingredients you’ll need are…

50g Fine Almond Flour

50g Powdered Sugar or Confectioner Sugar

40 g Egg Whites

40 g Granulated Sugar

Once ingredient measures out, you’ll probably want to have everything else layout on the working table. Unlike most cookie or cake batter this particular batter doesn’t do well when left alone in the mixing bowl for 5-10 mins it starts to harden due to the sugar, egg mixture, real quick. Get your piping bag with round tip set up in a tall narrow cup nearby and a fine sieve and a spatula for the macaronage (not sure if this is the right spelling-term to fold the batter), baking tray fitted with a silicon mat with those circle guides

Important tip to get the meringue is having an oil free clean mixing bowl and make sure wire whisk is also free from oil.

  1. Add egg whites to the mixing bowl and mix on level 2-3 to get the little bubbles. Once you see the bubbles in the egg whites slowly add the granulated sugar.
  2. Turn mixer to highest and let me mix until the batter starts to become white and glossy. At this stage, it’ll become soft or hard peaks meaning you’ll need to stop the mixer. Remove the whisk attachment and pull the whisk away from the batter slowly and if the egg mixture points up when the whisk is turned upside down then that is hard peaks. If it droops over then its a soft peak. Both of which will work. ***Be careful not to over mix this will ruin the look of the cookie***
  3. Sieve in the almond flour, powdered sugar into the egg mixture (meringue)
  4. Macaronage folding the egg mixture and flour mixture. This part is crucial, scrap the sides of the bowl in counterclockwise into the middle of the batter while turning clockwise. Continue folding until you get thick ribbon lava-like falling off the spatula back into the mixing bowl. ***Some people say mix only 50 or turns for beginners, also do not over mix this stage will make or break the french macaron.
  5. Put the macaron batter into a piping bag with a medium round tip and start piping out the macaron shells. (need to be steady and slowly squeeze the batter onto the tray)
  6. Preheat over to 290 F
  7. Let the macarons sit for 10-20 mins. Gently touch the macaron tops and it doesn’t stick to you they are ready to go into the oven at 290 F. (I have an oven with conventional setting and find it run hotter than most, you might need to adjust the temperature). Set the time to 18 min and turn the oven temperature to 285 F.
  8. Sometimes my macarons aren’t ready when 18 minutes are up. You’ll know when you touch the tops and it wiggles a little. If that’s the case keep them in the oven for 1-2 minute and check if it wiggles. Do not leave in there longer than 2 minutes without checking this will definitely dry out your macaron shells.

Let me know how the recipe turns out for you or if you questions for me. ***I will be posting another basic French macaron 2 recipe this will be for those wants even less sweet macarons.***